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Piss enema and piss drinking video

Trembling and cowed, Danny obeys our every command. Under intense intimidation and scrutiny, the straight plumber follows our orders to strip, before we handcuff him, shove him to his knees and inspect his firm, hard body.

I push his reluctant face into my crotch, alternating between completely cutting off his breath and letting him breathe again, panting his hot breath all over our cocks in turn, through our jeans.
When Danny’s face is bright red from choking and being ground into our stiff dicks, we push the cunt onto his back and use his shirt to prop him up with his arse upside down, exposed. Danny’s torso and face are hidden by the shirt, turning him into a faceless, objectified arsehole for our use and abuse.

After ripping off the protesting plumber’s underpants, we get to work turning him into our own customised urinal. I ram a large funnel all the way down into his arsehole, pushing the wide plastic spout as deep as it will go, right into his guts. Dave takes down his pants and unleashes a long, smelly stream of urine into Danny’s new modified arsehole. The once proud straight plumber is now nothing more than our toilet.
As I let my own jet of piss into the funnel, Danny moans in misery and humiliation. The piss is obviously stinging his guts and has now filled his belly to the point where he feels he can take no more. We order the helpless twat to use his arse mucles to suck the piss down… and we laugh as it disappears into his guts.

To complete Danny’s transformation into a toilet, I plug up his guts with a large black buttplug, bottling all the urine up in his belly, burning him inside, as he moans in pain from the ache to let it out.

Once we let Danny back onto his feet, I tell him he has to work on our cocks in order to get permission to release his painful urine enema. I order the hapless straight man to actually beg for and chase my rigid cock, before I let him wrap his miserable lips around my hard-on. “Please, please, I want some cock!” we make him beg, as Dave and I indulge ourselves in his increasingly urgent blowjobs as his full belly stings and aches in agony.

Finally, I kick a potty underneath the embarrassed plumber, and yank out the buttplug. With a huge groan of shame, the humiliated man squirts out a long jet of piss-enema liquid. But if Danny thinks this temporary relief means his ordeal is over, it’s just a cruel joke. We want his belly full of piss one way or another. As I wrench his mouth open, and hold it wide, Danny’s eyes widen in horror. Dave has more piss left inside him. A lot more piss.The first jet fills Danny’s mouth, he chokes in disgust, but there’s no escape. We make the stupid plumber drink every drop of Dave’s urine until

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Bad Boy Ton Pissing

tononline pissing in panties

… This warm summer evening I went to mountains near my home to have some rest. I was sitting at the top of the hill, drinking lemonade and thinking about my life. It was great. Warm weather, cool smooth wind and cold beer. I think I can spend my time like that for ages. But suddenly I felt strong desire… Guess which one? Yes, I wanted go peeing. I do not know why, but I had strong intention to do it in my pants. It was for the fist time im my life. It was not so bad. Watch me drinking lemonade, peeing in my pants in mountains and peeing at home after that as well.
ton online pissing

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Boys pissing

New hot boys pissing video

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Boy pissing

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Boy piss in panties and drink his own pee

What a piss stud! Baby-faced guy loves a load of his own piss!

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Boy drinking piss

what a dirty boy :-)

Boy pissing wet panties

Boy pissing wet panties

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Piss drinking boys

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